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Sell your home for a reduced fee of only 3% - 3.5% total commission




  • Technology has changed the real estate market.
  • Every listing is marketed worldwide on multiple websites at a touch of a button!
  • Over 95% of buyers are searching for their own homes online and than reaching out to their realtors. The old commission structure is being phased out.

Selling real estate may not be brain surgery, but at 6%, it may feel like it costs just as much.

Our Selling Process

We will be with you every step of the way!

After the funds have been sent to escrow and title has been recorded, 

the buyer gets their keys and the seller gets their money!

Our marketing consists of MLS listing, professional photography, social media advertising, open houses and more!

As soon as buyer and seller agree upon an offer, we open escrow and proceed with inspections. 

We start with providing a free Market evaluation & then proceed with signing a Listing Contract & disclosures. 


EX : Sales Price $800,000

6% Broker you pay $48,000

3% Broker you pay $24,000

Example of Savings when you list with us

You save $24,000 listing with us!

Another benefit when you list with us is the seller does not pay an escrow fee! That will save you even more. 

Let us help you save thousands!

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We have over 20 years of experience and have sold over 1500 homes to make purchasing or selling a home a seamless transaction.

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